JBHM received ABC Mississippi Gold Merit Award for Entergy South Street Distribution Operations Center

11 February 2019


Renovations and additions to Entergy DOC Distribution and Operations Center (facility related to Power Grid Distribution and Operations):
• 17 operation consoles, each tailored with sit-stand functions, individual environmental control capabilities, and multiple monitors.
• Management offices located at the perimeter with direct access to the operation arena as well as from the other side to avoid unnecessary distractions to the floor.
• Specialty monitor walls are the focal point to the operations room and specialized software allows for customized information to be shared throughout the building during times of storm management.
• Raised floor system to allow for console location flexibility to meet future needs, whether they be inter-departmental management or federally-mandated requirements.
• Multiple Conference Rooms and a War Room are located on the same floor as the operations room and are integrated into the building-wide technology system for storm and emergency management.
• Facility operates 24/7 and special attention was paid to ergonomics, lighting & flexibility.
• On-site fitness center and sleeping accommodations
• Designed to cross over into a 6-sided secure environment if required
• Facility was initially designed as Tier 3 Redundant