John McBride, AIA, Featured In The Masters of Design Issue for Portico

14 November 2017


John McBride, AIA

What advice would you give to young architects?

Just know that you will always be learning.  Every project will present something new.  Ask questions and take notes.  When you are not drawing, keep looking at good Architecture and figure out why it’s good.  When you figure it out, incorporate it into your own work.

How do things like community and sustainability factor into your approach?

Good architecture enhances and fosters community.  We are mindful of this from the beginning of every project.  You want your project to be a good neighbor so the design process incorporates that as a goal.  Sustainability is much discussed.  For me, it’s about making buildings that perform better for less.  It’s good for the owner and the community.  Architects have been doing that forever.  Simple things like proper window placement or thoughtful building orientation can profoundly influence the comfort a space provides.  Ultimately, if a building is enjoyed, it will stand longer and that conserves resources.

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