Lowndes County Health Department

Columbus, MS

Project Description

Facility services include medical evaluation as well as environmental.  Two separate entities – one medical, one environmental.  Medical includes – waiting to accommodate 50-75 people, five private interview spaces, two separate sub-waiting areas, two designated labs, five general clinic/exam rooms, exam/nutrition, two additional exam/labs, two social worker offices, offices for nutritionist, offices for lactation specialist, nurse supervisor and nurse work area, designated medical waste/courier pick up, designated area for TB analysis, mobile file system for records along with work area Environmental includes – director’s office, inspector offices (2 shared, 4 people), environmentalist office, designated water sample pick up/drop off area Shared spaces include break room, conference/training (20-30 people) Design includes gas-fired emergency generator Design involved in depth review with staff related to incoming and outgoing patient flow, privacy issues, case work, components, and features in exam rooms and clinical spaces.  JBHM also provided a cost/benefit analysis of the records area, comparing the high density filing system to standard filing cabinets with additional square footage.