Combined Arms Collective Training Facility (CACTF)

Camp Shelby, MS

Project Description

The Combined Arms Collective Training Facility (CACTF) is designed to conduct multi-echelon, full
spectrum operations training up to battalion task force (TF) level. Situational Training Exercise (STX) and support and stability operations tasks are provided to assist company and platoon units in developing
training plans. The CACTF is intended to support blank fire, Multi-Integrated Laser Engagement System/Tactical Engagement System (MILES/TES), Special Effects Small-Arms Marking System (SESAMS), STX, and Field Training Exercise (FTX) scenarios.
The CACTF replicates an urban environment. The facility consists of 2.25 square kilometers of urban sprawl with approximately 26 buildings, roads, alleys, parking areas, underground sewers, parks, athletic fields, and a command and control building. It is designed to support heavy and light infantry, armor, artillery, and aviation positioning and maneuver. This entire development was designed using REVIT software. The capabilities of REVIT allow for integration of multiple facilities and architectural elements.