Electric 308 Building

Jackson, MS

Project Description

JBHM teamed up with Duckworth Realty to restore the Electric 308, a historical landmark, to its original 1930 facade in downtown Jackson.  JBHM redesigned the interior of the office building to be a multi-use
facility offering offices, housing, and retail with upscale dining. Electric 308 serves as home to Entergy Mississippi.

Several challenges occurred through construction. One involved renovating the facility without affecting the technology core, which is Entergy’s epicenter, and JBHM is proud to say there were no interruptions. Also, because of the 10’ floor to floor height throughout the building, a 2 1/2 inch access floor for data was installed, and air units were installed a the peripheral edge of the building. JBHM also worked with our consultants to retrofit a new mechanical system.

The top two floors were turned into luxury apartments for lease or purchase with amenities and services equivalent to those offered at affluent boutique hotels. A roof top terrace offers views of St. Andrews
Cathedral, the Governor’s Mansion, and the State Capitol.