Long Beach Town Green

Long Beach, MS

Project Description

The Long Beach Town Green, Harper McCaughan Park, is to act as a commons that will provide recreational facilities for the municipality as well as serve to host an annual farmer’s market/fair and provide an outdoor theater for city schools and local originations to host plays and performances. The Park provides a central entry along Jeff Davis Ave, and four side entries along the brick and concrete walkways, which include two side seating areas with water fountains as the focal point. Seating for 150 people is centrally located for viewing the stage area. A brick pavilion provides restroom facilities and a stage for plays, family get-togethers, and park actives under one roof topped with dormers and supported by brick columns. Grilling areas are provided along the sides of the pavilion, and a splash pad, for children, is located directly behind the pavilion. The park has been planned to integrate with the existing oak trees as well as harmonize with the architecture of the City of Long Beach.