Memphis VA Hospital Women’s Comprehensive Healthcare Renovation

Memphis, TN

Project Description

JBHM Architects was hired to provide architectural & engineering services for the Department of
Veterans Affairs Medical Center Women’s Comprehensive Healthcare Renovation project in Memphis,
Tennessee. JBHM is responsible for preparing complete contract drawings, specifications, technical reports, and cost estimates, including services throughout the construction of the project.  The project will expand the Women’s Clinic which is currently located on the ground floor of the Clinic Annex Building 5 to facilitate the Medical Center’s Women’s Comprehensive Healthcare Implementation Plan (WCHIP). It will include a renovation of the ground and first floor for a combined total of 22,000 square feet. Along with the interior renovation, a dedicated elevator will be added which will include a new separate outside main entrance for the Women’s Clinic. The west side of the Clinic Annex will be upgraded to unify the appearance of the building and enhance the new entrance.
The women who have served in the armed forces are eligible for a variety of veteran’s benefits & services
at the Memphis VA. The Memphis VA actively encourages women to utilize these benefits. The VAMC Memphis Women’s Health Program targets programs and facilities that meet the unique needs of female veterans. The services they offer include comprehensive primary care, gynecology services, breast exams and mammography, stress management counseling, psychiatric services, psychological services and mental health services.