Military Operations on Urban Terrain Collective Training Facility (MOUT)

Camp Shelby, MS

Project Description

The MOUT facility is intended to simulate a generic urban setting, containing a variety of structures that typically could be encountered in developed areas. The facility is of sufficient size to conduct small unit training up to the platoon level.

There are 18 primary buildings, and all facilities are constructed within the 15-acre footprint for the training complex. Some of the buildings are intact (i.e. hotel/city hall with basement, apartment building with basement, school, townhouse with basement, business/residential with basement, office, warehouse, retail/bank, residential with basement), while some are constructed in a rubbled condition to simulate the types of structural damage that could be encountered in a combat environment (i.e. a townhouse, office building, vehicle service station, and three residential buildings with basements). Two structures are used to support training activities (i.e. general instruction building and covered mess shelter).

The buildings are of concrete masonry unit construction. Streets are included in the design, with parking, a concrete bridge, an underground sewer network, underground storm drainage network, access roads, drainage canal, and other features required to simulate an urban setting. Associated facilities will include
military and privately owned vehicle parking, sidewalks, exterior lighting, force protection, and signage.