Rankin County Juvenile Detention Facility

Brandon, MS

Project Description

Rankin County Juvenile Justice Center combines the administrative and intake activities of a juvenile justice facility with a secure, 24/7 supervised detention housing unit for a maximum of 84 juvenile detainees. There are two main components of the structure.
The Administrative component is constructed of steel frame with metal studs and brick veneer. This portion includes a courtroom, judge’s chambers, probation, counseling and other administrative offices. An intake area includes the secure receiving, processing, shower, holding, detox and minor medical treatment areas which support the receiving of a juvenile detainee from the community, and then safely preparing him or her for a stay in the housing unit. The average stay on site for detainees is four days or less.
The housing component is octagonal in shape and constructed of a more secure concrete masonry unit and brick veneer structure. Forty two detainment units are arranged around a central control area and divided into 7 sections, including one day-room and 6 cells each.