Redstone Arsenal Field Sensor Test Operations and Control Facility

Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, AL

Project Description

JBHM Architects was selected as part of a Design-Build Team to provide full architectural design and
construction administration services for the Field Sensor Test Operations and Control Facility (FS-TOC)
at Redstone Arsenal in Alabama. The FS-TOC is a three story, structural steel frame, 6,900 square foot
facility with a high efficiency HVAC system and a viewing/testing platform on top of the roof. The
facility includes an elevator which provides personnel and test equipment access to each level of the facility and to the roof test platform.
The facility is located next to an existing zero mound on a missile sensor test range at Redstone Arsenal.
The ground floor contains a break room, rest rooms, test preparation planning room, test viewing room,
equipment room, communication room and an electrical room. The second floor contains the instrumentation support area and an electronics laboratory. The floor elevation of the second floor is at the same elevation of the existing zero mound, and connected to it by a pedestrian bridge to facilitate
testing of vehicle mounted sensors from the zero mound. The third floor consists of a Test Operations
and Safety Control Center, and Sensor Test rooms that accommodate movable 2,000 lb, 6’ x 3’ stabilized
optical benches. The viewing platform (roof) has guard rails on all sides with rails on the north side that
can be removed for sensor testing operations. The roof test platform also supports movable 2,000 lb, 6’ x
3’ stabilized optical benches.  The addition of this facility to the Field Sensor Test Operations and Control site greatly enhances the organization’s operational capabilities.