Staplcotn Headquarters

Greenwood, MS

Project Description

The 59,700 square foot facility combines the complete renovation of 51,573 square feet and the addition of an 8,127 square feet core to link four existing different building types into a cohesive facility. This project consists of renovating and reskinning the 1950’s post modernist “Garrard Building” into a more historic replica of surrounding historic buildings; saving the “old bank’s” façade and demolishing the rest to create a new entry of courtyards, three story glass vestibule, mechanical/electrical/bathroom core with elevators; restoring the 100 year old historic “Bledsoe Building” and leaving room for exploration on the 3rd and 2nd floors, while creating balconies on the rear alleyway. The 4th building was demolished to provide client parking and access to the rear.

The renovated facility turned a complicated maze of hallways meandering through four buildings into one organized Staplcotn Headquarter that houses their CEO, Board room, meeting rooms, work rooms and storage, legal department, import, export, discount, human resources, data, traffic, cotton services, warehouse, marketing, maintenance, accounting, etc. Staplcotn represents the majority of cotton farmers throughout the Southeast and cotton sales all over the world.