Tupelo Fire Station No. 4

Tupelo, MS

Project Description

Tupelo’s newly constructed Fire Station #4, located along North Gloster Street, replaced an existing fire
station and updated the local fire department’s facilities and available services for the surrounding
Tupelo area. The two story 5,330 sq.ft. facility was constructed of structural steel, concrete, and CMU
wrapped in a brick veneer. The main program elements include a two bay drive-thru garage, turn out
gear and equipment storage, day room, kitchen and dining area, patio, four individual sleeping rooms, and
shower facilities. The building design references traditional fire stations with elements like a prominent
fire pole, a large exterior cornice and arched windows.  The new station allows the fire department quick access and response to all of North Tupelo and provides a venue for the local fire department to engage the community in fire safety related education.